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The mystery can finally be told!

Hear 80 minutes of Provocative Revelations just as they unfolded live on air 3/1/03

Stunning & Amazing!

This offer may end abruptly.

Glenn MillerDJ Chris ValentiGlenn Miller

The mystery surrounding the dissapearance of this great American icon has finally been solved... and it was all done on live radio!

The suppressed information we uncovered after years of investigation regarding his disappearance  shows this man to be...

 One of our greatest American heroes! Yet...

Provacative? To say the least

Revelations? Obviously

The truth? Very possible

The N.J. Dept. of Health stated that Glenn Miller died of wounds in Ohio in 1944. Chris Valenti made a plea on his program for anyone with information to come forward. A week later he received an anonymous letter from an unnamed doctor who claimed to have been one of Miller's attending physicians in Ohio in 1945. He said Miller was flown in with gun shot wounds and died under his care! In his letter he said he would be calling into the program on 3/1/03, Miller's 99th birthday, with his revelations. And he did! 
It Is Here! 
 Hear The Stunning Truth That Almost Cost Chris His Life!  
Just days after uncovering the ‘smoking gun,’ and hours before his broadcast, Chris Valenti received a phone call from a ‘higher up’ government official who threatened his and his family’s lives if he revealed his findings. 
Due to this threat, Chris kept his findings secret for almost two years, that is until Dr. X came forward and corroborated his findings and supported the statement made by the State of New Jersey Dept. of Health that states Glenn Miller died in Ohio.

The smoking gun 
Hear The Threat That Was Left On Chris’s Voice Mail! 
  • On 2/27, two days before the 3/1 broadcast, the purported government official that previously threatened Chris’s life called again with another threat. This time he left his warning on Chris’s voice mail! Chris boldly aired this threat for everyone to hear! 

Hear From the Actual Pilot Who Searched For Miller's Plane!

  • When Miller's plane became an hour late, THIS was the man that was asked to search for it! To this day he firmly believes that Miller was never on that plane! 

Hear From The GI Who Claims To Have Seen Miller's Body!

  • He claims he saw Miller's body brought down on a stretcher after being shot from a jealous husband when he found Miller in bed with his wife! 
Hear The Pilot Who Talked To Lt. Col. Baessell 12/17 Two Days Later!
Two days after the disappearance, THIS pilot had a conversation with Baessell while Miller was present and stated they were on their way to a party in Paris! 

 Hear from the man who drove Miller to his plane for the purported fateful flight! 

 Hear from famed German journalist Udo Ulfkotte who was quoted in finding secret service files that state Miller died in a brothel in Paris!

 Hear from another source on how Miller was accidentally killed by an MP in France! 

Broadcast ID's Offered by Doris Day, Les Brown, Tex Beneke & Rosemary Clooney. 

Plus recollections & Miller music as requested by listeners of the program.

Contains 80 Minutes of Stunning Audio! 
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Glenn MillerDJ Chris ValentiGlenn Miller 
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